August 28th, 2014

AAJA MediaWatch issued 3 advisories on questionable news coverage


Please give a round of thanks to AAJA’s MediaWatch committee! From offensive photo-captions to bad headlines, the committee had to issue three different media advisories this week.

There is still much to educate on how to cover Asian Americans but it’s good to know AAJA has a very good group of volunteers watching our backs!

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August 23rd, 2014

Taking a #selfie with NBA star @jasoncollins34 at the #nlgja14 luncheon. #mediadiversity

August 21st, 2014

My ‪#‎ALSIceBucketChallenge‬!

August 17th, 2014

Our next chapter


(photo: Me with my AAJA family)

I am humbled by the opportunity you gave me.

And I’m honored to serve you for another two years.

We started this journey two years ago and it’s not over yet.

Asians have been living in America, working in America, building America for more than 150 years. And yet, we are still treated like foreigners. Too often, our stories are reduced to stereotypes.

We are the fastest growing immigrant group in the U.S. But we are ignored as a potential political force.

We are the most affluent minority group in the U.S. But we are ignored by corporate America as a key market.

We are the highest educated racial group in the U.S. But we see few Asian Americans at the executive suite.

This needs to change. We have the power to change these inequities.

You change it by bearing witness as journalists.

Report the story of Asian America.

You can change it by rising in your newsroom.

Tomorrow, go back and let your managers know you are ready for more, you want more and you are worth more.

Tomorrow, go back and make sure we have fair and balanced coverage of our community.

Tomorrow, go back and make sure everyone you know is a member of AAJA because your membership gives up the power and voice we need to advocate on your behalf.

Tomorrow, go back and engage other Asian Americans in your community and amplify our voice as Asian Americans.

I’m thankful to our members, sponsors and community partners who have invested in AAJA.

We will be celebrating some major milestones next year.

Our convention and our student project Voices will be celebrating its 25th birthday.

Our Executive Leadership Program will celebrate its 20th birthday.

And our multicultural high school program JCamp will be celebrating its 15th birthday.

Your membership, your sponsorships and your partnership kept AAJA’s programs strong and relevant.

Thank you for being here, for the work you put in over the past three days to improve your craft and to support each other.

On a more personal note, I want to especially thank the Associated Press for supporting my service to you.

Thank you and looking forward to serving you got another two years.

August 4th, 2014

$50 full-day bootcamps at the #AAJA convention next Wed, Aug. 13

AAJA is offering 7 hands on training program in partnership with several industry leaders next Wednesday Aug. 13th. Don’t miss this opportunity to sharpen up your skill sets. You don’t have to be an AAJA member to register for these programs.

  1. Google $5 to attend: This full day hands-on training hosted by Google will cover all of their digital tools including General survey, maps, Google Earth, Crisis Response and Google+/YouTube. Hosted by Google.
  2. IRE $10 to attend: Investigative Reporters and Editors’ Watchdog Workshops offer tips, tools and training that you can use immediately to add depth to your work, from breaking news coverage to quick-turn enterprise and long-term projects. Hosted by IRE.
  3. Starting up your business $50 to attend: Get a taste of the startup life in this one-day immersive workshop that takes you through the process of ideation to business strategy to elevator pitch for the aspiring entrepreneur. Hosted by American University.
  4. Data Journalism $50 to attendSpend a day diving deep into data topics and demos with AAJA at NPR’s Washington headquarters. You’ll learn what makes a great data story and presentation, and walk through tutorials of how to clean, analyze and visualize a data story. Hosted by NPR.
  5. International Reporting $50 to attend: Understand what it takes to work abroad as a journalist, how to prepare, the skills that will serve you best, and especially in the digital age. Hosted by Columbia Journalism School.
  6. Follow the money $50 to attendThere’s more money to follow in elections than ever before. Attend this panel and learn how to follow the money. Hosted by Sunlight Foundation
  7. HTML 101 $50 to attend: Can’t tell a <p> from a <h1>? This day-long session is meant to take journalists with no coding experience and help them feel comfortable reading and writing basic HTML. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how front-end coding affects what you see on a website. Hosted by The Washington Post

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By day, I'm the Director of Interactive & Digital News Production at The Associated Press. By night, I'm a critical optimist of pop culture. Also championing media diversity as the president of Asian American Journalists Association